Karen: “What are you doing?”
Mike: “Huntin’ skeeter.”
I spotted one of the little minions of Satan on the wall right behind Karen’s head. “Shh – don’t move” Whak! “Skeeter dead, one each.”

I was walking about the bedroom looking at the walls and at the 15′ ceiling looking for any variation in the pale color that could be a mosquito. They seem to sit on vertical surfaces, such as the wall, or curtains. I found one or two and sent them to their reward, which I am sure is in the fiery underworld.

Since I have been here, starting even in January, there has been one or two mosquitoes in the house almost every night. Sometimes it can be attributed to leaving the doors and windows open which, like all such openings in Europe, contain no screens. Other times there is no explanation for their being in the house. Normally, the only time the apartment is open to the outside is for a few seconds at a time to let the dogs in or out. One may infer that they come from the canal, or from the garden. But I have never been bitten by a mosquito while walking around Venice, and I have only seen one in all the time I have been out in the garden. I was in the garden for a few hours solid the other day when it was sunny and warm. No mosquitoes came near me. In Maryland I would have been carried away by them.

The visitor to Venice must understand that there may be mosquitoes in their room, or in other places, such as roof-top decks. This, however, is no different than other places in the world where it is warm and humid, and should not put you off from coming to Venice. The mosquitoes here are of moderate size, light in color, and are nocturnal. This is contrasted to those in Maryland, which are small Tiger Mosquitoes, having black and white stripes, and which attack in number at any time of day or night.

My suggestion is that the traveler bring a small bottle of odorless mosquito dope in a spray bottle. The stuff is very expensive here, and having a little may help you enjoy your stay here.

Karen: “Turn out the light and go to bed.”
Mike: “I shall find and eliminate skee-tor.”
Karen: “You are a nut.”
Mike: Whak!

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One thought on “Skeeters

  1. I would just like to say that we have tiger mosquitoes in Venice too…….. right little b………….At night of course…..the trick is to keep your windows closed until you climb into bed and turn out the lights.J

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