Beethoven Concert

Knowing that I am a Beethoven fanatic, my wife saw this sign on the door of the church of Ognissanti (all saints), and took a picture of it so we would have the information at hand. It was a beautiful little sign drawn on a typical yellow paper place mat used in restaurants in Venice. A small orchestra was to play one piece at 5:30 (17:30 on the sign). This sign was the only notice of the concert in all of Venice (so far as we know).

Ten minutes before the appointed hour (there’s no reason to be there early) we were walking along the side of the church, and could hear music coming from inside. They had already started. We went in, sat down, and listened to the performance. It was quite good. I am very familiar with the work and would have noticed any irregularity. It was nearly perfect.

When we left we were still puzzled by the early start, and looked at the sign again. Someone had crossed out the “17:30” and replaced it with “17:00,” or 5:00. They just went ahead and changed the time by marking it on the sign. You can’t get much more Italian than that.

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